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エイブルPresents 春!雪まみれフェス Kayak-X the Revenge

Competition confirmed for this year’s Kayak-X!!!!
Please read the competition regulation carefully.

■Kayak-X 公式ルール


■Kayak-X Official Rules
・The starting position will be decided by doing Rock, Paper, Scissors.
・The race starts when the GATE opens.
・You CANNOT paddle until you reach the line where you can start paddling.
・You CANNOT touch/crash/block/hit the other racer on purpose during the race.
・The color of the bibs will be decided right before the race.
・Consolation match will be held for the racer who lost on the 1st round.
・Penalty applies whenever racer goes off the course. The ranking will demote by one.
・It is compulsory to wear head gears(helmet).
・Tournament information will be updated at all times during the competition so please check any updated info by yourself.
・You CANNOT get off from your Kayak, except in case of emergency, otherwise you will be disqualified.
・You can ride the chair lift for the course open time and racers who are competing for the 1st round.
・Semi-Final and final competitors will be using snowmobiles to go up the course. There will be a full-time snowmobile driver.
・If the time allows after the competition, we might have some exhibition match.
・In case of stuck racers, when the Kayak-X staff judges that there will be no effect on the ranking, they will come and help as racer will be disqualified, if him/her gets off the kayak.


名      称/Name of Event エイブルPresents 春!雪まみれフェス
日      程/Date 2018年 3月28日(水)〜3月29日(木)
場  所/Location エイブル白馬五竜
〒399-9211 長野県北安曇郡白馬村神城22184−10
種      目/Event 3月28日「Kayak-X the Revenge」 / 3月29日「雪上大運動会スノーコロシアム
定      員/Capacity 「Kayak-X the Revenge」約40名前後 「雪上大運動会スノーコロシアム」約5〜6チーム(各チーム5名)
受付期間/Application Period 2018年 3月5日 ~3月25日
申 込 先/Application 株式会社GOATイベントページ申込フォーム/GOAT Inc. Event application form
参 加 費/Fee ¥4,000/ Kayak-X the Revenge
¥18,000(1チーム)/雪上大運動会スノーコロシアム(Snow Colosseum)
表      彰/Prize  1st ~ 6th
競技方法/Competition Regulations 各種目正式ルールに則り競技を行う/According to official competition rules
注意事項/Note  指定時間内に現地受付を完了していない場合、競技に参加できません。代理人受付可能です。You will NOT be able to compete if you haven’t made an application. Proxy application possible.
「Kayak-X the Revenge」はヘルメットを着用していない選手は参加できません。You CANNOT participate if you do not have your helmet on for Kayak-X
主      催 エイブルPresents 春!雪まみれフェス実行委員会(大会事務局)
協      賛 エイブル
協      力 株式会社五竜/Goryu KK.


お名前 name (必須)
ふりがな name (必須)
メールアドレス E-mail (必須)
電話番号 TEL (必須)
出場動機・PR事項など (必須)


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